Green Underarms After a Spray Tan!!

Don’t panic!! You are not turning into the Incredible Hulk. 

Products like deodorant react with tanning solution, turning the guide colour a shade of green instead of golden.

So how can you fix it? 

The good news is the green bits will wash off in the shower after your tan has fully developed and you’ll be left with a gorgeous glow beneath. Don’t try to wipe your armpits clean beforehand or you’ll be left with a patchy finish.

The best way to stop it happening is to avoid all deodorants, antiperspirants and perfumes on the day of your spray tan. The chemical ingredients in these products can create a barrier on the surface of the skin that stops tanner from working properly and hampers the tanning process. Bare skin, free from make-up and cosmetics, is ideally what you want to begin with.

If you are confident that you have eliminated all traces of deodorant and moisturiser and your underarms still go green, your skin may be undergoing some hormonal changes. Hormonal fluctuations during the first trimester of pregnancys can affect the way that tanning solutions reacts with the skin. So if you are a mum-to-be, wait until the first 3 months of pregnancy are over before you try tanning again.

Thanks for reading.

Danielle x

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