Mindfulness Lessons We Can Learn From Our Dogs

Have you ever though “I could learn a lot from my dog”? 

They have mindfulness nailed!

Living in the moment. Only caring about snoozing, chasing balls, bell rubs and where the next meal is coming from.

My dogs simply wander around in their life just being. I can’t imagine that. I have to plan things, so it’s nice to watch them and learn to just be. It’s a good lesson for me, I am always thinking and planning ahead, where as they are happy with a tummy rub.

Here are some lessons that I have learnt so far –

Wag your whole body. What makes you as happy as the mention of a walk does for your dog? Your boss has offered you a promotion that you have been working your arse for. You are super excited. You deserve it! Yet, you say thank you and they seem to be waiting for something more than that. Drop the cool act and let people know you are happy! Shake that body!

adult beagle walking on grass field

Photo by Artem Bali on Pexels.com

Obey on your terms. Do you get told what to do all the time? Whether you are a student or working on a job with a manager who is constantly barking orders at you, there may be some times when you just don’t agree with what you are being told to do. Dogs come up against the same problem. It might not be worth pushing back and challenging some of the smaller things, so go along with what they have asked…but in a way where you haven’t totally followed their request.

photo of dog sitting on ground

Photo by Dave DiAngelo on Pexels.com

Beware of technology. Our phones, computers and TVs – we all use them, but they can quickly take over our lives. Sometimes we are reading about the latest celeb news, when, right in front of us, there is a dog who loves us wagging his tail, longing for you to play with them. Put down the phone, turn off the TV and engage with the life in front of you.

Love your best friend. Do you have someone who you can hang out with and it’s just easy to be with them? You know when you’ve found them because being with them is effortless. You don’t have to be something you’re not or have blitzed your house, be looking your best or pretend to be on top of life. They become a part of you, and this shouldn’t be taken for granted. They like you for you, and you like them for them too.

two yellow labrador retriever puppies

Photo by Chevanon Photography on Pexels.com

Get on with it. Whether it’s getting ready to go out, or sitting at your desk twiddling a pen in your fingers, there is an argument to be made to just getting on with it. Procrastination before you do the thing you need to do is just pointless filler time. Take a leaf out of your dogs book: decide and then immediately do!

Enjoy exercise. Our health is important and we know we should be exercising. But sometimes we get caught up in our exercise routines that we just have to do, and it’s not fun anymore. Forget all the shoulds, do you feel like getting out there and moving? You don’t need the perfect gym gear, an app to tell you your lap time or some loud tunes to pump you up and distract you. Your ears might not flap in the wind, but run though nature for the simple pleasure of feeling your heart pumping faster and seeing what your body can do.

animal animal photography animal portrait ball

Photo by Matthias Zomer on Pexels.com

Find your happy place. Do you have somewhere you just fit? A wonderful happy place where you feel safe and protect? Whether it’s being curled up on your sofa with a good book and hot chocolate, at your parents house, or sitting in your favourite bar surrounded by friends. It’s nice to have a a spot where you can relax and feel safe and cosy.

white shih tzu puppy on fabric sofa chair

Photo by Dominic Buccilli on Pexels.com

Get help. Of course, you could do everything yourself. But are you 100% excellent at everything you do? No! Who is? So if you suck at something, get someone to help out!

Take comfort in routine. When every day is the same we can feel stuck in a rut. Get up, eat the same breakfast, go to work, do the same tasks day in day out, come home, dinner, TV and bed. Look to your dog. He loves his routine! He is so happy to have that same, comforting breakfast and know when that walk is happening. He makes the choice to love his routine.

Be hopeful. Hope is a beautiful thing. It’s about expecting a positive experience or outcome, maybe even in the face of it being unlikely. Disappointment can be painful, but take a leaf out of your dogs book – be just gets over being let down and moves on. If there isn’t a walk when he thought there would be, no big deal, but he hopes there will be next time.

Thanks for reading.

Danielle x

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