Can Dogs Be The Key To Finding The Pawfect Partner?

So Valentines Day has been and gone – for many it’s a day that is filled with dread. 

The gushing Facebook updates, the endless photos of flowers and teddy bears.

Despite being in a long-term relationship, I am not a huge fan. But I think our pets can play a part in helping us find love.

So, can our pets sniff out Mr or Mrs right? 

You want your dog to be comfortable with someone and if they are, there is more chance your relationship will develop.

If someone gets on with your dog and your dog is precious to you then that person is going to be more attractive than someone who doesn’t. As dog owners, your pet is such a huge part of your life so if your partner doesn’t have time for them, then that is a difficult situation to manage. You can’t split your relationship with your partner and your pet into separate boxes because they are such an essential part of our lives. There has to be, at the very least, a tolerance for a relationship to develop. If a dog is generally friendly and warm around people and isn’t towards a new partner, that is going to make you wary.

Dog owners have a lot to offer. They are kind, selfless and accustom to the needs of others.

Life changes dramatically when you have a dog and you make sacrifices but you know they are worth it as your dog gives so much love back to you. It’s like having a child. The dog is there for life and if a partner isn’t committed to that then it’s most likely the relationship isn’t going to work. You can choose your partner but the dog is non-negotiable, so if it comes down to them or the dog, you choose the dependent being as they’re the one you’re responsible for.

But the right partner will recognise these qualities and seem them as a positive.

My dogs and my fiance Adam – he adores them and they adore him.

Adam has been in my dogs lives since the day they were born, so it is a little different as we didn’t have to go through that introductory stage. But never the less, he couldn’t be more adoring of them.

They snuggle up between us on the sofa and every time we go out, we try to ensure it is somewhere dog friendly so they can join us.

He doesn’t think twice of letting them sleep on our bed – they truly are our babies.

So if you are a pawrent and muddling through the dating world, put your trust in your furry friend as they might just help you find a match.

Thanks for reading.

Danielle x

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