A stay-at-home Pamper Night

It’s Friday, and what better way to spend it other than a nice pamper night alone with just your bath, beauty products and Instagram for company?

Alternatively, you could save this for one of those really shitty days, like a Monday! You know, one of those days that seems like it will NEVER end – the type when it just literally rains on you anytime you step outside. The type of day where your card gets declined, when you end up having to eat a Pot Noodle at your desk – bought with the crumb covered change that was rolling around in your coat pocket.

So I recommend saving this post. Remember it!

You will feel like a normal human being again by the end of this little list, I promise!

  1. Dressing Gown. Whether it’s a cheapo from Primark or something a little more luxurious, if it makes you comfy and cosy then that is all that matters! Nothing says relax like a good dressing gown.
  2. Music. I like to listen to a playlist that can make me smile and make me get a lump in my throat all at the same time during a pamper evening. It’s all about ridding yourself of all the negativity – in your skin, hair and soul! So if you wanna cry – CRY! If you want to feel like a queen – whack on some Beyonce and work your inner queen-ness!
  3. Candles. Light them. Light them all! And don’t worry about how much they cost you or whether you are wasting them. Candles are an all important part in setting the mood for your pamper sesh!
  4. Tea. Tea is my go-to comforter. I’ve been drinking tea since I was a young child – my first being in a bottle! But if you prefer the fruity/herbal sort, then peppermint tea is a good place to start as it is mega good for you and actually, it’s quite refreshing.
  5. Make Up Remover. Similarly to taking your bra off at the end of the day, taking off make-up just makes you feel happier. I tend to start with removing all of mine with an oil-free cleanser and warm water, and then a face wipe to just ensure all the nasties are off!
  6. Wash. Personally, I am more of a shower girl when it comes to pamper nights. The thought of sitting in my own dirt doesn’t really do it for me and I always feel like I am actually doing something when I have a shower as you can move around more. But hey, if a bath is your thing then get the bubbles going!
  7. Exfoliate. Ah! Exfoliation gloves! These are totally underestimated but I don’t know why!? They stop you peeling, prevent those weird little spots forming on the back of your arms and legs, and they boost circulation which FYI means firmer looking skin! I always exfoliate more in the summer because it helps sustain a healthy looking tan.
  8. Shampoo & Condition. Being an ex-hairdresser you’d think I would go for some expensive hair products but honestly – I have found that some of the cheap and cheerful products actually work just as well! My current fave is the Elvive Dream Lengths range. I have quite long hair, but I am so shit at actually getting my hair cut which means split ends! But this range contains Keratin, Vitamins and Castor oil – all good things for your hair! And honestly, my hair has never looked or felt in better condition!
  9. Shave. Nothing makes you feel fresher than a good shave, right?
  10. Leave-in Hair Treatment. I rarely blow dry my hair – mainly because my hairdryer has decided to give up on me after being the best damn one for the last 12 years! But also, because my hair is so bloody thick that blow drying it actually is a workout! The one thing I do do is use a leave-in hair treatment. Just a 10p sized amount worked through the ends of my hair once it has been towel-dried.
  11. Extraction. If you are squeemish, then skip this part. But this is probably one of my fave parts! I am a sucker for squeezing spots and plucking in-growing hairs! Gross – I know! But I know there is enough of you out there that are also the same!
  12. Mask. There are so many types of face mask on the market now that you can pick whichever one you prefer to use. You’ve got your clay masks, peel-off masks and sheet masks! Personally I love a good peel-off mask but go with what works for you and your skin.
  13. Moisturise. I am not massively into using a mass load of skin care products aside from cleanser and moisturiser (and occasionally a mask because masks make you feel like you are something incredibly life changing to your skin) – so I literally go from cleanser to moisturiser.
  14. Tan. No pamper session is complete without a full body tan – well for me it isn’t anyway! Once I am de-fluffed and smooth as a baby’s bottom I like to give my skin a little sun-kissed glow with a couple of blobs of tan in a bottle! My personal faves are the Sienna X Deep Self Tan Lotion or St Moritz Professional Dark Self Tanning Mousse.
  15. Nails. I feel like a hypocrite writing this because I NEVER do my own nails. Not because I am a lazy bitch, but because I cannot do them without it looking like I’ve let a 3-year-old give me a mani/pedi. But if you have a steady hand and are a bit of a pro at the old nail painting, turn Netflix on and get those nails looking fleeky!
  16. Fresh PJs. You’ve just cleansed, shaved and moisturised within an inch of your life, don’t ruin it by putting on last nights PJs! Pull out your best, and most clean, PJs from your draws and be prepared to feel total relaxation.
  17. Sleep. Put your phone on charge. Away from your bed. Don’t let it distract you. Don’t be tempted by Kim K’s latest Insta upload. Keep your phone away from you, be strong and have an early night!

So yeah, give all of the above a go! After getting a few items into the list you will stop feeling like crap! You stop feeling weepy and start to feel good about yourself. Oh, and your skin and body will look and feel better for it too!

And the best bit? You can still feel all the products working their magic when you wake up he next day and it makes you feel like you can face anything in the day ahead of you! So yeah, what better feeling than that? Nothing. Nada. Aside from waking up on your birthday or Christmas…nothing beats that.

Thanks for reading.

Danielle x

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