A Guide To |Being a Dog Mum

If you’re a dog mum, then HEY!

Being a dog mum means planing your day-to-day life around your four-legged companions schedule. That means coming home at a certain time, making sure they are well fed and taking them on daily adventures.

But as you know, all of these dog mum tasks are more of a privilege than a chore, because being a pet owner to the best doggy(s) in the world is priceless.

What does every dog mum have in common? Glad you asked!

While sipping on your morning coffee, and snuggling up with your fur child, check out my guide to being a dog mumma!

  1. Your dog always turns your frown upside down. No matter what challenges the day brings, the moment you walk through your front door, your dog instantly makes things better. They are there for you through the good times, and the bad.
  2. You get abnormally excited to give your dog presents. Nothing beats “just because” presents. Everything about it is exciting! Not only does your fur baby enjoy this experience, but you oddly enjoy giving your pup presents just as much.
  3. You talk to your dog as if they were human. Sure, they don’t speak “human” but they will listen! Dogs are the perfect companions to vent to and will never judge you for what you have to get off your chest.
  4. The only plans worth committing to on the weekend are plans with you dog. Plans that don’t include your dog? Not interested hun! You never miss an opportunity to hang out with you pooch.
  5. You never miss an oppotunity to celebrate your dog. Birthdays, milestones or even just for being a good dog.
  6. You always wonder who rescued who? Your dog is more than you could’ve ever imagined they’d be when you took them home. You always catch yourself thinking about how lucky you are to each other.
  7. Your dog always comes up in any conversation you have. If you’re not with your dog, you’re talking about them. What they did the other day, what your plans are with them next weekend. You just can’t help it!
  8. Your social media has more pictures of your dog than yourself. Why post a picture of yourself when you have 50 pictures that you need to share of your dog? Part of being a dog mum means annoying all of your friends on social media.
  9. Leaving your dog for the day or when going away never gets easier. Not the puppy dog eyes!! Your dog would do anything for you to stay 24/7, but sometimes human stuff happens, like work! You can’t wait to get back to your pup and reunite!
  10. You take your dog anywhere that allows pets. And you’ll spend hours looking for places around town that will allow you to do that.
  11. You’ll unfriend people who come into your home without acknowledging your dog. If someone comes into your home and doesn’t make a beeline towards the wagging tail attached to your pup that is begging for some attention, the decision is clear. You can no longer be friends – that’s your fur child we are talking about!
  12. Dog hair doesn’t bother you. Dog hair, don’t care! You embrace the shedding and love being the one to keep your pooch nice and groomed!

Thanks for reading.

Danielle x


4 thoughts on “A Guide To |Being a Dog Mum

  1. hopelesswonderer says:

    Very relatable! I went out for a night out the other night and all I could think about was how much I missed my pooch!¬ they do crazy things to us xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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