2018 Round Up

And so here it is, my last post of 2018. And I have to say, its been a year of mostly ups which is bloody fantastic! So I thought my last post for the year could be a round up of all the major events that have taken place in my life in 2018. So here we go…

Me & Adam celebrated being together for 8 years ❤

We had our engagement party and celebrated with our closest friends and family. 

I had my first night out in Shoreditch with some great friends.

I finally got to go to Crufts after years of wanting to go thanks to my work.

I went on my first spa day with my best friend and enjoyed a massage for the very first time. 

We chose & booked our wedding venue!!!

I went to Kisstory for the first time. 

I visited the theater and saw The Lion King for the first time ever with my mum.

I threw Adam a big 30th birthday party!

We helped my mum move house and into her new, happy home.

I started up a new Instagram just for my blog – @danielletweedlesblog if you don’t already follow!

I joined the gym (again)

Our Henry pig died at 6 and a half years old 😦

But we got 2 new pigs – Peggy & Doris!

We had an awesome day out at an event in Ally Pally with some awesome friends!

After a year of planning and keeping secrets, I managed to pull off the biggest birthday surprise in history for my mums 50th birthday and arranged for her sister (who she had never met before) to fly over from America and meet in the flesh for the very first time. 

I threw mum a big 50th birthday party!

I got a new car!

We celebrated 2 years in our house.

We booked our photographer for our wedding day. 

We sent out save the dates out for our big day. 

I took a trip to Butlins for the first time – it was an experience I’ll say that much!

I played crazy golf for the first time – with said above awesome friends!

I gained a new found love for cleaning my house thanks to Mrs Hinch. 

We celebrated being engaged for a year. 

I broke my leg on a night out celebrating my birthday – first time I’ve ever broken a bone FYI! 

And I hosted my biggest Christmas yet with a broken leg – 9 people on Christmas Day and 11 people on Boxing Day! 

Like I said, a year of mostly ups! I now can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for me – ideally no broken bones please!!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Danielle xxx

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