My Birthday – Turning 28

It was my birthday last weekend and believe it or not, I turned 28 years old. Me. A twenty-eight year old.


That’s an entire decade of legally being an adult.


I didn’t really know where I wanted this post to go but I knew I wanted to write about my birthday, about what I’ve learned as I have grown up and about my personal journey into the deeper realms of adulthood. So here goes…

  1. I’ve reached a point where I have started thinking of my work not as a job, but as career. Once upon a time I was just happy to earn a wage. But now, as I slowly head towards my thirties, I am starting to think long-term and where I want to be in my job. In an ideal world, I want to work for myself but until the wedding is done I need to stay put for now.
  2. My house is more than just a place to sleep. In fact, my house is my oasis and I love putting more care into its appearance and becoming a house proud lady.
  3. Moving and loving where I live, even if it’s not close to friends. Moving away from the area I grew up in was really hard for me because I thought I’d lose all my friends and never see them again. But really, if I invite them over, 99% of the time they will come over – even more so if I promise free booze and food!
  4. I’ve outgrown friends I made in my early twenties, and its kind of a relief. But it’s okay, because I have made and settled into friendships that I will now have for the rest of my life.
  5. I can no longer just down alcohol because its there because I want to be able to function tomorrow. Hangovers are not my thing anymore. The thought of vomiting, eating shit food by the bucket load, crying and not being able to move all day is my worst nightmare nowadays. Don’t get me wrong, I am up for a couple of glasses of fizz and a boogie but absolutely NO SHOTS!
  6. I am no longer eager to make new friends, FOMO is not my thing. I actually enjoy spending time with myself and don’t need to be at every event I see people tagged in online.
  7. And because I don’t feel the need to go out all the time, when I do turn up, it is way more fun! Slut-dropping ’til the break of dawn!
  8. Expenses pile up from your twenties and adulthood brings even more, so best start to actually save money. You know, so I can actually do things that are weeks, months, years in advance!
  9. Experiencing treating my ‘rents to dinner. Because once in a while I like to remind them how important they are to me – but don’t go crazy huns! Ideally if you could order from the happy hour menu, that’d be great!
  10. Friends getting married and being grateful to take part in one of the happiest days of their lives. Even more so because I can’t wait to invite them to my wedding!
  11. Friends having kids means that my biological clock gets ticking. Kids are cute when you can give them back.
  12. But I still have time to have kids, I am still in my twenties, after all. Or more dogs, whatever.
  13. Stopping trying to fix people. People won’t change because you want them to, and if they can’t give me what I want, I move on.
  14. My health has actually become important to me. Not because I care what people think of my appearance, but so I can have a life doing the things I love to do and feel good about it!
  15. I’ve become better at what I eat and have reached a point where I spend money on the better menu items. Yes, I know smoked salmon is extra. And I will HAVE IT!
  16. I have a renewed excitement in my life because I now will cram in new, exciting adventures before I turn 30. Turning 30 means more responsibilities, so it’s time to get in a last few crazy stories!
  17. No longer seeing or speaking to my friends EVERY day, but that’s what girly holidays and trips away are for! Ideally, somewhere warm and relaxing.
  18. I’ve started to consider my future more.  Being with Adam for almost 9 years, marriage and starting a family is the big picture for us right now!
  19. Life isn’t over after 28, but it’s the year that has set me up for the adult I am about to become. Maybe my parents might even start to think of me as an adult…maybe?
  20. But the best thing of all, I still have 2 whole years left before I turn the big 3-0!

Do you have any advice about getting older? What has your best experience been as you turn into an adult?

Thanks for reading.

Danielle xxx

One thought on “My Birthday – Turning 28

  1. hopelesswonderer says:

    i really like the point you’ve made about FOMO, Self care is just as important as making time for friends. For someone whos 22 its really nice to read this and see some of the things I worry about become less of a worry as I grow up xx

    Liked by 1 person

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