What Happens if You Get Spray Tan on Your Hair?

Tanning solution can temporarily stain your hair. This is especially true for natural blondes and bleached blondes, simply because the caramel colour of the tan shows up more on lighter backgrounds.

However, there is minimal risk of your hair ever becoming stained by tan if you follow these rules:

  1. Your tanning therapist will give you a disposable hairnet to guarantee that your locks stay covered and protected if you have lighter-coloured hair. Brunettes can often get away with just tying their hair back tightly.
  2. You might also like to wear a thick headband over your hairline and underneath your hairnet for added protection. This will also prevent your hairnet from slipping.
  3. Applying some moisturiser or a touch of petroleum jelly right up against the hairline acts as a barrier to tan. The solution sits on the surface and isn’t absorbed by the hair shafts so you can wash it away in the shower once your tan has developed.
  4. A leave-in conditioner can also prevent the absorption of stray droplets of solution, protecting those areas of the hair that haven’t been full covered by your hairnet, like the space around your ears or the very front of your hairline.
  5. Natural grease in your hair creates a thin barrier to tan so it might be an idea to go for your treatment with unwashed hair if you can.
  6. Finally, us spray tan professionals know how to apply tan to your face without staining your hair, so trust your therapist’s expert skills!

Thanks for reading.

Danielle xxx

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