The National Pet Show 2018

If you know me, you know that I am crazy about animals, especially dogs.  So imagine my excitement when I got tickets through work my work (VioVet) to go to the National Pet Show at the NEC in Birmingham on Sunday 4th November.

The National Pet Show is the nations most loved pet event. Not only do you get advice from the experts, but you also get to learn about different animals, different breeds and shop for pets all under one roof. This event is one for the whole family, but it was just myself and Adam that went this time.

When I arrived I was handed a program in which it had a daily plan of all the shows and displays that were on, along with a goodie bag filled with Butchers dog food. I really wanted to see the SuperVet but sadly missed out this time. However, we had a whole bunch of things to do, whether it be learning how to teach a dog tricks, learning about tortoises or rabbits, watching dancing doggy shows or learning about how to handle your cat.

There were several stalls with different types of animals ranging from cats, dogs, rabbits, donkeys, chickens and some small furries. Within these stalls were many different breeds for the public to talk to their owners and find out more about them. Our particular faves were the St.Bernards, the alpacas and the chickens – although a chicken actually crapped on Adam which made me gag so this soon turned out to be my least favourite.

We spent a few hours walking around the stalls, stroking all the animals and chatting with the stall holders learning a lot more about them.

Before we left, I wanted to bring the dogs home a little present each so bought them some toys, which I can say lasted all of 5 minutes after Minnie & Teddy played tug-of-war with them. Shit-bags.

I loved the whole day, there is nothing greater than being in the company of fellow animal lovers and seeing so many adorable animals lapping up all of the attention from the public.

You can get tickets for the next show at

Danielle xxx

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