My Top Tips for Running a Mobile Tanning Business

  1. Always make sure you take down full details of your client. Being on the go from client to client, it can sometimes be hard but if they message you on social media or via text, make sure you ask for a contact number and their full home address with postcode.
  2. I always take down postcodes and use a SatNav to plan my routes so I know that the clients are in the area I cover and I am not going back on myself when visiting one client to the next.
  3. Always leave enough time in-between appointments. Even though a spray tan itself only takes about 10-15 minutes you need to allow drying time, time to prep and time to chat about aftercare. When I first started I thought I could be tanning every half an hour but experience has taught me that 45mins – 1 hour is better, allowing time for travel, set upย  and making my client feel comfortable and not rushed.
  4. Always be prepared. Every week I check the stock in my kit to make sure I have everything – tan, hair caps, barrier cream, baby wipes. There is nothing worse than leaving to tan several clients and realise you may have to try and find a wholesaler if you are missing something. I tan out of normal working hours so if this happens I really am stuck!

Thanks for reading.


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