My Favourite Things About Autumn

Sweater weather is here. Strangely enough, I am quite looking forward to welcoming Autumn and all it has to bring, the explosion of Autumn colours, pumpkin flavoured everything and the change in weather. Plus, it’s my birthday in November! So if you are an Autumn lover like myself, this list will have you bouncing up and down like a kid on Halloween.

Cool Weather. Time to throw on a cardigan and enjoy the cool breeze. I love Summer and the hot weather it brings but I do look forward to saying goodbye to the bug infested air that comes with it. I live for cosy nights wrapped up in a my dressing gown, with the heating on and enjoying a nice cup of tea.

Fall Scents. Pumpkin Spice scented candles – AMAZEBALLS. I love filling my house up with candles to remind me wherever I go, it’s Autumn.

My Birthday. The best time of the year – other than Christmas of course! I love getting together with my nearest and dearest to celebrate my day of birth in style!

Halloween. Yes I am 27 (almost 28) years old but I friggin’ LOVE Halloween. It is full of creepy decorations, sweets and pumpkin carving. You get to dress up as whoever/whatever you want and no one can really say anything.

The Changing Leaves. Autumn is definitely one of the most beautiful seasons. The colours of the leaves as they fall to the ground, the crisp air flowing through and the orange hues at sunset…stunning.

TV Shows are Back! I have been most excited about American Horror Story Season 8. I hate having to wait all year for new seasons to start, but it makes it that much easier to cosy up on the couch and binge watch.

Autumn Fashion. Boots season has arrived. UGG’s, ankle boots, over the knee boots – you name it. With all the comfort food we eat throughout this season, stretchy bottoms are a must too! Plus, so many scarfs!

I hope you have enjoyed reading my post. Now go put your baking, pumpkin carving and costume making skills to the test.

Thank you for reading.

Danielle xxx

3 thoughts on “My Favourite Things About Autumn

  1. Diandra Francesca says:

    I LOVE autumn and winter fashion! It’s one of my favourite things too, alongside pumpkin and cinnamon spiced everything! Being out in Indonesia now, I’m really missing the English seasons (we’re gearing up for rainy season though so that should be interesting 😭 ), so I’m yet to see any of my regular, typical autumn delights. Great post, reminding me of happy things 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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