Will a Spray Tan Make Me Look Thinner?

A question that as a spray tan therapist I get asked all the time. In short, the answer is yes it will! Spray tans are perfect for making the body appear leaner, longer and fitter! Here’s how it works:

The gorgeous golden colour of a tan creates the illusion of a slimmer physique because it highlights existing muscle tone and draws the eye inwards towards the centre of the body. You can actually use tan to sculpt and define key areas, like the torso, the curves of your boobs and even the neckline, to knock a few inches off your frame without lifting a finger at the gym. The subtle addition of a darker shade of colour down the sides of the waist and even just below the cheekbones helps to lift and enhance your curves, accentuate your best bits and highlight your natural features. Playing with shadows and highlights creates definition and gives you the power to customise your look.

Even the lightest layer of tan helps to camouflage marks and even out a dull complexion. This helps the body to appear toned and blemish-free so you can feel extra confident in your skin. Plus, spray tans can be just as effective on darker skin tones – the bronzed finish corrects uneven pigmentations and covers up scars.


Thanks for reading.

Danielle xxx

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