REVIEW|Forthglade Dog Food

Food is the most important factor in a dog’s life. Through diet, they have to get EVERYTHING their body needs: from the energy needed to keep chasing those balls to the array of nutrients that form every tissue and keep every cellular process going, it must all be delivered through their diet. Too much or too little of any one nutrient can quickly cause tummy upsets and if something gets into your dogs diet that shouldn’t be there, you can be sure that problems will occur.

The eternal question that every dog owner asks…what should I feed my dog? Unfortunately, there is no one answer.  There are so many food on the market now, some with better ingredients than others, but no food suits every dog. Different dogs do better on different diets, so choosing a food will always require a certain amount of trial and error.

Having dogs myself, I have tried out many different foods. From the cheap supermarket foods such as Bakers & Pedigree, to raw food and the higher brand foods such as Lily’s Kitchen. The reason for trying so many types of food, was to see what my dogs thrived off of more. Each different food had aspects of good and bad results, good being they licked the bowl clean without any hesitation, bad being dealing with doggy diarrhea for more than 24 hours.

So, what do I currently feed my dogs you ask? I feed my dogs a brand of food called Forthglade.

What is Forthglade? They are a company based in the Devon countryside where they develop and a produce all of their wet meals. They have been going since 1971 and have over 45 years expertise in pet nutrition. Their pet food is wholesome, nourishing and uncomplicated, keeping their recipes simple and nutritious.

The Ingredients. The ingredients used by Forthglade are 100% natural with added vitamins in their complete meals. They are free from any junk and fillers including artificial flavours, colours and preservatives. All of their recipes are designed for sensitive tummies, which was a big deal for my dogs as the slightest wrong ingredient sets my dogs off for a day of poo explosions! They also have a selection of recipes suitable for dogs with other common allergies.

Mine (and the dogs) Review. I am always a little nervous when changing my dogs food over. You never know if it will cause them to have stomach upsets or if they just paws down do not like it. Thankfully, my dogs absolutely love this food, and as soon as they see me get it out the cupboard they can’t contain their excitement.  Forthglade offer unique recipes and flavours, a particular favourite of my dogs is the grain-free chicken, butternut squash & veg.  The ingredients used are high-quality, most of which come from the UK, and they add vitamins and minerals to their complete recipes to make sure that your dog gets the best possible nutrition from their meal.

Forthglade have a wide range of food options, tailored with each individual dog in mind. My fur crew are fed a mix of their grain-free cold pressed dry food and their complete meal grain free wet dog food. The dry food is 100% natural and is created with lots of ingredients such as both fresh and dried chicken or duck, sweet potato, peas, dried fruit and salmon oil, and doing as little to them as possible before being fed to your dog. They press the ingredients together at a low temperature to create bite-sized pieces that give off a natural aroma, flavour and all round goodness. The wet complete grain free food is easily digestible and gentle enough for those dogs who suffer with sensitive tummies.

Not that this really matters in regards to the food itself, but the packaging on Forthglade food is really nice! It’s so bright and colourful that it really catches your eye (and the dogs). Their packaging supports the environment too, using white recyclable trays for their wet food – bonus!

To round things up, this food is great and my dogs eat every scrap of it. It is a good quality food and you can even see the bits of vegetables in it. The food doesn’t have a strong “dog food” smell and none of my dogs have had an upset stomach with it.

If you feed Forthglade to your dogs, or would like to feed it to them, you can pick it up at VioVet.

Thanks for reading.

Danielle xx

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