August 2018 Faves

End of August, basically the end of Summer as we know it! However, I do quite like Autumn months and I did actually admit the other day that I am looking forward to getting back into knitted jumpers and boots!

I am sad to report though, August did not bring a month of many favourites! I was honestly debating whether to even write this post because I don’t actually have anything worth talking about. But here are some things I ave quite enjoyed anyway:

“The Break” By Marion Keyes. This book was lent to me by a friend as I was in need of some new reads. All I can say is it has been an emotional roller-coaster and I haven’t even finished it yet! But I can already say it is a 10/10 and I am enjoying reading it.

No.7 Lash Extender Mascara. I wasn’t even out looking for a new mascara when I made this purchase but so glad I got it. I can hands down say this is the BEST mascara I have ever used. Blog post review coming soon.

@alittlehousefulloflove – I have become obsessed with home-ware and interior Instagrams and this one in particular is my all time fave! 1) because her house is bloody gorgeous and 2) because she has the cutest Miniature Dachshund and Guinea Pig, a fellow dog and pig mumma! Give her a follow!

And just like that, my August favourites are over. I told you it wouldn’t be a long one! I am hoping September brings some more exciting things for me to share with you all.

Thanks for reading.

Danielle xxx

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