Our Newest Editions |Peggy & Doris

I have owned guinea pigs since I was a child. They are an animal that I have always found intriguing and, even as an adult, are one of the best pets to have.

When we moved into our house almost 2 years ago, we brought my last remaining guinea pig along with us, Henry. Henry was already about 5 years old when we moved, and he had lived on his own for 2 months since his housemate sadly passed away. We didn’t expect Henry to live for much longer so we made him a house pig and honestly he thrived. We ended up having him for another year and a half before he sadly took a turn for the worst and passed away on Sunday 5th August. RIP Henry Pig.

The house immediately felt weird and strangely quiet without a guinea pig, even with 5 dogs running round, and I instantly knew I needed some new piggies in my life. So on Friday 10th August, me and Adam headed into our local Pet at Home store and had a mooch for some new pigs. I wanted girls because 1) I had just had a male pig and 2) I didn’t want the risk of two male pigs fighting and having to split them. The pigs that they had on “display” in Pets at Home were all boys, much to my disappointment. But the lovely lady who helped us said that she thought there were two girls out the back, and when she checked there were!

So, of course, we had to have them. But it meant buying a new cage also as Henry’s cage was only suitable for one pig. I already had sawdust, hay and food from Henry so I didn’t need to buy any of that.

We bought them home, set up their cage and put them in it and then didn’t see them for 24 hours as it is advised to not handle them for at least a day or two while they get used to their new surroundings. Of course, the dogs did not understand this and sat by the cage for the rest of the evening, hoping to get a glimpse of what was in it!

Day 2 and we slowly had some movement, but every time they ventured slightly out of their house, the dogs would fly over to the cage and scare them back in – not ideal.

And finally, day 3. The day the pigs got brave! They pretty much spent the majority of the day sniffing and hopping around their cage, climbing up at the bars to get a good look outside and at the dogs and trying to tell each other who was boss. Success!

We are still working on getting them used to be handled and hand fed but I have to remind myself that they are only babies so this is going to take some time. Ideally, I want them to be used to the dogs, sitting with us at night watching TV and playing in the kitchen and conservatory without trying to scamper off under the fridge or the sofa.

I am going to try and write updates every now and then on how they are getting on if anyone is interested in reading them. I also want to start doing some Guinea Pig Tip blogs too, feeding guides, housing guides etc.

Thanks for reading the first of many pig blog posts!

Danielle xxx

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