July 2018 Faves

Wow! End of July already, and what a fantastic July it has been! I can’t believe the heatwave we have had, and for once it lasted longer than 3 days! So besides the delightful Summer weather we have had, here is a round up of my July favourites –

Summer Dresses. Personally, I have never been much of a dress person. Mainly due to the fact that I have issues with my body and always feel like I look like a frump in dresses. But lately I have been drawn to pretty Summer dresses in the shops and online, particularly wrap dresses, and what do you know – they actually look quite nice on me! I have picked up a few in Primark so far and they now have a secure place in my wardrobe for all future Summers to come.

Aperol Spritz. OK so I think I have been living on another planet for the last 10 years because HOW have I never drank one of these before!? For those of you who were in my position a few months back, wondering what the hell these were I am going to tell you. An Aperol Spritz is a cocktail consiting of prosecco, Aperol and Soda Water, and it is AMAZING! It has become my favourite Summer drink! Try one the next time you are at a pub or a bar!

St. Moriz Dark Mousse Tan. I tried the St Moriz tan last year and I really liked it from then. Since I ran out of my last bottle of it I had tried other tans in between and then when I ran out of them, I found my way back to St. Moriz. It is a really good tan, goes on evenly and it doesn’t break the bank! I purchased mine from Tesco for £4!!!! Which for a girl on a budget like myself, is ideal!

Marc Jacobs Daisy Love. This is a favourite of mine for two reasons; 1) Because I LOVE Marc Jacobs perfumes and have almost ran out of my other one – sad times – and 2) because my loving fiance bought it for me on his way back from a weeks fishing trip in France – cute! I find it really hard to describe a smell but the best I can give you is that it is a really sweet smelling fragrance which I like when I am shopping for perfumes. The bottle has an amazing over-sized daisy on it too which is really pretty!

Thanks for reading.

Danielle xx

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