Summer Treats Your Dog Will Love

Nothing screams summer like corn on the cob, fresh strawberries, and trying to lap up an ice cream before it drips down your arm. Us two-legged folk have plenty of foods to look forward to when the weather heats up, but what about our dogs? As I have already mentioned in previous posts, I have pug cross-breeds, so the warmer months sometimes causes them some trouble with keeping cool. I do all the things advised to help them prevent overheating such as keeping them indoors, providing shade outside, ensuring they have plenty of water and investing in cooling products such as mats and vests. But then I thought what could I give them as a treat and something to keep them cool? These are some of the treats I give them to help cool them off –

Fresh Carrots. These make great summer chews and my dogs go wild for a carrot! But like bones, they could become a choking hazard so don’t leave your dog unattended while they are on the gnaw!

carrots food food photography fresh

Photo by Markus Spiske on

Ice cubes. Water is one of the most overlooked summer treats. Freeze up some ice cubes and offer them to your dog to chew on when the temperature gets really hot!

Apples. A great source of fibre, essential nutrients and antioxidants. Just make sure to remove the core and seeds as they can be toxic in large quantities.

green apple lot

Photo by RP Photography on

Pawsecco Freeze Pops. Because sometimes it is nice to give your pet a luxurious treat! These are ready-to-freeze “pops” and are of course non-alcoholic and contain no grapes. My dogs love these refreshing treats that are made with Elderflower, Linden Blossom and Ginseng. You can buy them at VioVet for just £5.50!!

Cucumber. Cucumbers are high in water content, so feeding your dog a few slices can be a good way to keep them hydrated. This can be beneficial if your dog does not drink much, or needs excess water in their diet.

Whatever summer treat you pick for your dog, remember that it is exactly that – a treat. Extras shouldn’t make up more than 10% of your dogs total diet so you may need to adjust your dogs meal size to avoid any excess calories and weight gain.

Thanks for reading.

Danielle xxx

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