How To Maintain Your Spray Tan On Holiday

So you’ve booked your Summer holiday and now you want to book in for a pre-holiday spray tan to ensure you have a gorgeous glow before you even step off the plane…But how do you ensure it lasts for the duration of your holiday?Here are my five top tips to make sure that your glow lasts throughout your holiday:

  1. It’s all about timing – Try to organise your spray tan as close to your departure date as possible. Your tan should last for 5-7 days and will look its best for the first 4-5 days.
  2. Pamper before you tan – To help your glow last, it is a good idea to follow a few pre-tan steps before having a spray tan. Remove any unwanted hair a day or so before and wash off any remaining beauty products. Then, exfoliate your skin and avoid applying any other lotions or moisturisers.
  3. Have cool showers – If you are travelling to a hot climate, this one should be easy, even preferable. Having cool showers will help to keep your tan in place for longer. Afterwards, it is best to gently pat your skin dry and apply an oil-free lotion.
  4. Avoid oily lotions – Many sun creams are oil based, and it’s a well known fact that oil strips tan from the skin. To make the most of your tan on holiday, go for an oil-free sunscreen allowing you to protect your skin and your tan.
  5. Top it up – The best way to prolong a fake tan is to keep it going. Use a gradual self tan lotion every 2-3 days in place of your after sun.

Thanks for reading.Danielle xxx

One thought on “How To Maintain Your Spray Tan On Holiday

  1. aestheticvogue says:

    I have never used a spray tan because I’m from California so I have never needed one hahaha. Helpful post though! ✨

    I have a new post up on my blog if you’d like to check it out. (: 💗✨

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