The Pros of Bringing You Dog to Work

Pet-friendly workplaces are becoming increasingly common in today’s business culture. Google, Amazon, Ben & Jerry’s and Etsy are just some of the large companies that allow their employees to bring pets to work. I work for a company called VioVet and we have 5 office dogs that are brought in throughout the week.

Having pets in the office is associated with many benefits, these include:

Stress Relief. Having dogs in the office reduces stress and makes employees feel more relaxed and comfortable.

Promotes Positive Interactions. A pet-friendly workplace tends to increase employee satisfaction and to improve morale. Pets are also a point of common interest that can help to promote an atmosphere of teamwork and communication.

Eliminates Dog Care Costs. Allowing owners to bring their dogs to work also provides a significant financial benefit – it eliminates the additional costs of doggie daycare or dog walking services for employees who work long hours or commute a significant distance from their home each day.

Improves Company Image. Allowing pets in the office can boost a customer’s perception of the business. Most customers have a positive reaction when they are able to interact with an employee’s pet, and it can help them to relax and enjoy their visit to the business. Having dogs in the office also tends to soften the company’s image and make a business seem more progressive and forward thinking.

Decreases Employee Turnover. Allowing dogs in the office is an attractive feature for employees who are animal owners, and this can be a great recruiting tool for potential hires.

Increases Employee Performance. Employees of pet-friendly businesses tend to work longer hours and have fewer absences. They don’t have to worry about rushing home to let the dog out or staying at home to watch a pet that may be feeling under the weather.

Does your employer allow pets in the office? Please leave a comment and share your thoughts!

**National Bring Your Dog to Work Day Friday 22nd June 2018!**

Thanks for reading.

Danielle xxx

3 thoughts on “The Pros of Bringing You Dog to Work

  1. Alan says:

    Interesting post and something that I have been asked by staff. I believe it works for smaller office’s but large organisations need to have facilities in place and even segregation if people do not get on with dogs.

    I know of one company that requires the dog owner to registrar the dog to have a company pawsport which requires evidence of relevant vaccination, toilet training etc and they have a designated court yard for the dogs to gather.

    It would be interesting (well for me amyway) to review companies policies and risk assessments in relation to dogs in the workplace.

    Liked by 1 person

    • danielletweedles says:

      Hi Alan,

      Thanks for your comment.

      We of course have rules in place to allow us to bring dogs into the office, otherwise it would be a mad house. They have to be fully vaccinated, toilet trained, get on with other dogs and people and all round be relatively well behaved. Every person that brings their dog into the office is in responsible for their own dog.

      I quite like the idea of dogs having their own work ID pass, it makes it sound fun! We don’t have our own dog yard section but it is something I will suggest as I think it would be good. We have a few green areas we can walk our dog to locally to our office.

      Being a pet retailer, the company I work for are very welcoming to any new office dogs.


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