Signs That Your Dog Adores You

As a nation of dog lovers, we love our dogs as if they are members of our families – because to us they really are! I consider myself to be more of a dog mum rather than a dog owner, I show my dogs I love them in so many ways outside of just their regular care and maintenance, by doing things like buying them special treats or a new toy. But I’ve always wondered, how do dogs show that they love us back? None of what I am about to say is scientific or by any means proves that my dogs love me, but I personally feel the love when my dogs do these things –

Tail Wagging – seems pretty obvious, we often think of a dog’s wagging tail as a sign of happiness. The looser and more relaxed your dog’s tail is, the more relaxed they are. When dogs are super-duper happy, you may experience that not only do they wag their tail but they will give you a whole butt jiggle or even wag their tail in circles.

Following Your Around – mummy’s little shadows, that’s what my lot are called. Dogs are social beings and don’t tend to seek out “alone time”. Their devotion to you means that wherever you are, that’s where they want to be too. Cute.

Kisses – some people think that letting your dog lick your face is disgusting, these are the people who I do not call my friends. I welcome my pooches kisses with open arms! Dogs groom each other as a gesture of intimacy when a solid bond is in place, so you can definitely take grooming as a sign of love from your dog.


Jumping – now I know jumping if generally considered an unwanted behaviour from dogs, and most dog owners go through the process of training it out of their dogs. For me, this hasn’t been the case. When I walk through the door, it feels nice to have my dogs jump up and greet me with excitement. Teddy literally jumps into my arms so I have to be ready to catch him so he can give me some kisses.

Sleeping Next To You – In the wild, wolves in packs sleep curled up together. Domestic dogs curl up with each other too. Since we are our dog’s best friend and family, it’s only natural that they want to hop up next to you and sleep up against you. My lot are the biggest bed hogs but I love that they just want to cuddle up and be my nap buddy.

Looking After You When You’re Sick – Dogs posses an instinct to care for their “pack”, so their need to care for you means that they will recognize when you are feeling sick and watch over you. Cute huh?

Smiling – Yes, dogs really do smile! If you have ever thought you’ve caught your canine flashing their doggy version of a smile, you were probably right. A dog’s smile can signal love and affection to their owner just as human smiles do.


These are just a select few things that I have picked up on from my own dogs, please share any ways you think your dogs show you affection too.

Danielle xxx

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