Get To Know Me in 50 Questions

Since I have restarted the whole blogging thing I thought it would be fun to do this get to know me post. Here are 50 questions and my answers to help you get a better insight of who Danielle is 🙂

1. Full name –

Danielle Charlotte Kristie Tweed

2. Zodiac sign


3. 3 Fears

Heights, Snakes and Losing my Dogs

4. 3 Loves

My Fiancée, Family & Dogs

5. My Best Friend

My bestie is called Antonia 🙂

6. Last Song I Listened To

This is Me – Keala Settle

7. 3 Turn Ons

Honesty, Thoughtfulness and Respect

8. 3 Turn Offs

Self Centeredness, Arrogance and Bad Breath

9. What Colour Underwear I’m Wearing Right Now


10. How many tattoos/piercings do I have

I haven’t got any tattoos as I am too indecisive and know I will like it for all of a month and then hate it. I do have my ears pierced though, just one set in each ear!

11. The Reason I Started Blogging

I had always had the thought of blogging in the back of my mind, but put it off because I was worried what people might think. I have always enjoyed writing, taking photos and sharing my likes and dislikes so when I did start, blogging just felt natural to me.

12. How I Feel Right Now

Tired, it’s Monday morning and I would much rather be curled up on the sofa catching up with Say Yes To The Dress.

13. Something I Really Really Want

A house with some land so I can expand my number of pets

14. My Current Relationship Status


15. Meaning Behind My URL

There isn’t one really. My name is Danielle and my surname is Tweed so I got the nickname Tweedles from some friends and voila…DanielleTweedles.

16. My Favourite Movie

I don’t think I have one specific favourite movie, but I have a select few that I could watch over and over. Bridesmaids, The Greatest Showman, Harry Potter, Twilight and The Holiday.

17. My Favourite Song

Candi Staton – Young Hearts Run Free

18. My Favourite Band

I am not really a band person but I did love One Direction before they split up.

19. 3 Things That Upset Me

Arguing with someone I love, animals being hurt or mistreated and people making accusations.

20. 3 Things That Make Me Happy

Date Nights, Food and Dog Cuddles

21. What I Find Attractive In Other People

Good Personality, a Love for animals & Good Smelling!

22. Someone I Miss

My Nana angel in the sky ❤

23. Someone I love

My Fiancée and My Mum!

24. My Relationship With My Parents

I have always been a Mummy’s girl and have a very close relationship with her. I think being her only daughter has contributed to this and our bond has grown even stronger since the loss of my Nana. I feel like I can share anything with her. I am really close to my stepdad too. He has been the closest thing to a Dad to me since I do not have a relationship with my birth dad. I am glad to have them both in my life and am thankful for everything they have ever done for me and supported me with.

25. My Favourite Holiday

It has got to be Christmas. I am not a huge lover of Winter but as soon as my birthday is over in November, the Christmas songs come on and the Christmas tree goes up. I love everything about Christmas, from the glittery decs, spending time with loved ones, presents and the food!

26. My Closest Blogging Friend

At the moment I don’t actually have any close blogging friends, but I hope to gain a friendship through blogging some day.

27. Someone Famous I’d Date

Jamie Dornan!

28. A Confession

I have been sick in my fiancee’s car more times than I would like to admit…mostly due to alcohol consumption the night before.

29. 3 Things That Annoy Me Easily

Slow walkers, traffic and screaming children

30. My Favourite Animal

Besides dogs because they will always be number one on my list, I think Tigers. I find them amazing and so incredible to watch.

31. My Pets

How long have you got? We have 5 dogs – Cleo, Elvis, Roley, Minnie & Teddy (they have their own Instagram if you would like to follow @the_frumble), we also have Henry the guinea pig who is about 6 years old and still trooping on, Purdy the Hamster and some fish.

32. One Thing I’ve Lied About

I don’t like lying, mainly because I am so bad at it. However, recently I lied to Adam about how far into my overdraft I was, thinking he will never know. He then asked to see my statement because we wanted to get all of our finances together and sorted as we have now started saving for our wedding. I panicked as I knew that the £70 I told him was a total lie and in fact I was £250 over…EEK! Thankfully he was very forgiving and I have since had my overdraft reduced and try to stay well away from using it.

33. Something That’s Currently Worrying Me

Surprisingly, nothing. I am not a big worrier really, apart from when I get nervous and think of worse case scenarios instead of something going well.

34. An Embarrassing Moment

When I went to Marbella for a weekend away and we were booked to have lunch in Ocean Beach Club, I wasn’t wearing my glasses or contact lenses and wasn’t aware of the HUGE glass screen separating the indoor eating area to the outdoor eating area which is where our table was. Yep you guessed it, I walked straight into the glass which made an almighty BANG and resulted in everyone turning around and laughing at me….ground swallow me up!

35. Where I Work

I am the Key Account Manager at VioVet Ltd.

36. Something That’s Constantly On My Mind


37. 3 Habits I Have

Checking all social media while I am having my morning coffee, making the bed before I leave the house and a bad one would be leaving food in the sink after I have rinsed plates.

38. My Future Goals

Get married, start a family by the time I am 30, own a house with some land on so we can own more animals, start my own dog walking/dog care business and live a happy life.

39. Something I Fantasise About

Getting married

40. My Favourite Store

Primark, so cheap yet so good!

41. My Favourite Food

Argh, I hate this question because I am such a foodie! It would probably be a toss up between Indian Food and Mexican.

42. What I Did Yesterday

I had a lazy Sunday at home yesterday, looked through 3 boxes of old photos, watched a film and then had an Indian takeaway.

43. Something I’m Talented At

I wouldn’t say I had a talent, but I am pretty darn good at spray tanning! I have to be, its my job! But I can say I have never had a bad word said about my tans 🙂

44. My Idea of The Perfect Date

Dinner and a movie – SIMPLE.

45. My Celebrity Crush

There are a few…Jamie Dornan as already mentioned, Ryan Gosling, Tom Hardy, Harry Styles and Jason Statham just to name a few.

46. My Favourite Blog

The two blogs I find myself constantly reading are The Brighton Girl because her posts are hilarious but so real and genuine, and Damn, Girl. Get Your Shit Together!

47. Number of Kids I Want

2 – preferably girls but would be happy with one of each.

48. Do I Smoke/Drink

I don’t smoke but I do enjoy the occasional glass of prosecco on a night out.

49. One Word That Describes Me


50. My favourite quote

Be a pineapple: Stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside.”

And there you have it, 50 questions and answers about me. If you have any other questions would like to ask me, just leave a comment.

Danielle xx

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