The Cruelty Free Beauty Box | April

How is it nearly the end of April!? This year is just flying by…2018 SLOW THE F DOWN!

Continuing my cruelty-free journey, I received my April The Cruelty Free Beauty Box on 13th April and have been trying out the products included. Here are my thoughts –

Dr. Botanicals Pomegranate Superfood Regenerating Sleeping Mask 30ml | RRP £14.90 –
I had never tried an overnight mask before so I was excited to give this one a go. It comes in a really cute, pink packaging, perfect for a girly girl like myself. It is perfect for anyone with dry skin, normal skin or oily skin. I applied a thin layer to my face, once I had cleansed and dried it, and let the mask do its thing overnight. The next morning, I cleansed my face as usual and could immediately see that my skin was hydrated and looked fresh. I used this mask twice a week but if you do not like using face masks often, then you could get away with once a week. My verdict…loved it and would 100% purchase again. You can try for yourself and buy it here.

Balm Balm Hibiscus Face Mask – Another face mask! Although this one works slightly different as it is designed to deep clean and exfoliate your skin. When you open the tub, it is a powder combined of brown rice flour, ground hibiscus and rose geranium. You just need to add water to create a paste and then apply to your face and leave for 10 minutes so the mask can draw out impurities from the skin as it dries. After the 10 minutes, I wet my hands and gently rubbed the dried mask into my skin, giving it a real light exfoliation and then removed with warm water. I can’t say that I noticed a huge difference in my skin so not sure whether this product worked for me. You can try for yourself and buy it here.

Very Vegan Lipstick £6.95 – I was so excited to see a cruelty-free lipstick in this months box. However, my excitement soon changed to disappointment when I saw the colour was a hideous shade of bright pink!! So NOT my colour. However, the brand itself is vegan-friendly, perfect for those of you who follow a plant-based lifestyle. You can buy the Very Vegan products here.

CB & CO Extreme Whitening Gel 50ml | £19.99 – I have been keen to try a charcoal teeth whitener for ages so when this came in April’s box I was buzzing. It is pretty straight forward and easy to use, but it does not froth up and clean your teeth how a toothpaste should. When I brush my teeth, I want them to feel clean and my breath to be fresh and this gel just did not come through with these results and I ended up having to brush my teeth with my normal toothpaste first and then use this just to make sure I had clean teeth…not ideal! However, I do feel that my teeth do look whiter so I can give them a thumbs up for that. Personally, I would not spend almost £20 on this. You can buy it here.

Evolve Superfood Shine Conditioner – I love a hair care product so I was happy to see a conditioner this month, especially as I had run out of my usual conditioner. The Evolve Superfood Conditioner is formulated with natural oils and butters including organic Shea Butter, to replenish and rehydrate normal to dry hair. It also claims to boost shine, strengthen and protect and reduce frizz and tangles. Sadly, this conditioner did none of the above for me. My hair looked dull and frizzy after using it and it certainly did not prevent any tangles. A big fat thumbs down from me. You can buy it for yourself here.

So, rounding up this months box, only one product out of five really impressed me, which is a shame as I really want to find some great cruelty-free products to incorporate in my daily routines for hair care, skin care and make up. The journey continues to next months box…

Thanks for reading.



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