What Make’s Me Happy

Different things make different people happy. In today’s post, I thought I would give you all a bit of an insight of the things that make me truly happy.

My Fiancée, Adam – I love that I can now call him my fiancée instead of boyfriend, it makes it all the more exciting! Those of you that know me will know that he drives me insane sometimes, but never the less I love him and he makes me truly happy. I love our cosy nights in together and our days off doing “house stuff” or dog walks, so simple but they are days that I treasure. We don’t need to go to big fancy restaurants on date nights, we are happy with a cheeky Nando’s and cinema date, I love that we don’t need to have the expensive things in life to make us happy.

My Family – Family are everything to me, and I have a big one! The people that truly matter to me and I am grateful to have in my life are my mum, my stepdad and my brothers. I love when there is a special occasion which brings us all together and we have days laughing around the dining table or just chilling out on the sofa. Then you have my other family members, aunties, uncles and cousins who we are all really tight with. I love it when there is a family gathering and some poor sod has to have us all in a room together where you can expect to hear lots of cackling, singing and dancing.

My Friends – Over the years, I have found myself lost in friendships and wondered who was actually a true friend of mine. This year, I have removed myself from friendships that weren’t worth the agro, friendships that were toxic and friendships that had simply fizzled our. I wanted good quality friends. So after taking a step back, I came to the realisation that actually I was OK with only having a handful of besties instead of lots of friends. I love getting together with my girls, whether it is for a civilised dinner or a drunken night out followed by a kebab and chips in the taxi ride home. I love being able to message my girls if I am having a bad day and they try to snap me out of it and tell me to shut up and everything will be fine.

Pets – If you know me, you will know that my pets are my life. Most people in life will have maybe one household dog or cat, two at a push. Not me. In our house we have 3 dogs, a guinea pig, a hamster and numerous fish, with the intention to expand this at some stage soon. What can I say, animals make me happy! I love nothing more than the waggy tails and barks that greet me when I get home, the happy squeaks the guinea pig lets out when he hears his daily veggies being chopped and…well the hamster doesn’t really do anything to show she is happy to see me but she is kind of cute.  I will never understand people who don’t own a pet, how are you happy?

Music – Whether it is listening to Radio 1 on my journey to work in the morning or dancing in a nightclub, music is life. I don’t really have a specific type of music that I enjoy, I am kind of open to anything. Music just sets the mood for me, feeling sad? Whack a happy song on and cheer the F up! Feeling happy? Turn that Spice Girls album up full blast and bring out your inner Girl Power. Getting ready for a night out? Grab a glass (or bottle) of prosecco and practise your moves in front of the mirror!

Food – Glorious Food! As much as I moan and groan about my weight and the state of my body, I love my food. If I am asked the question “if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?” I panic. I can’t choose one food when there are so many good tasting meals out there!! Although I wish I was thinner and fitter and everything else we all want to be, I do not deny my love for food.

What make you happy? Please comment and share 🙂

Danielle xx

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