What I Love About Spring

At last, Winter has buggered off and Spring has arrived! Although Summer is my absolute favourite of the seasons, there are so many things I love about Spring Time.

The Weather Gets Nicer – you wake up and the sun is shining (most of the time), you can go out without having to wear 100 layers of clothing just to keep the bitter cold off of you and everything just looks prettier, clothing, flowers, sunsets…everything.

Birds Chirping in The Morning – I love this sound, waking up to birds singing their songs makes me feel so happy and relaxed and ready for the day ahead of me.

Getting Outside – whether it is eating outside a pub restaurant, enjoying a coffee in the park or just being outside because you can, it is great to get out in the fresh Spring Time air.

Flowers, Flowers & More Flowers – Daffodils are the cheeriest of the Spring flowers with their frilly trumpeted blooms and bright colouring. I am also a big fan of Tulips, with so many shapes and colours available it’s nice to treat yourself to a mixture.

Long Dog Walks – I know you can do this all year round but it is much more enjoyable to get the dogs in the car and head to a beautiful big field or park when the weather is nicer. You don’t have to worry about wrapping up in case of being too cold and then the dreaded thought of having muddy pooches in the car after. Plus, I am sure the dogs enjoy it more when the weather is nicer too.

Healthy Eating & Exercise Gets Easier – I don’t know about anyone else but I cannot eat well or exercise in the winter. I need my tea and biscuit comforts. But as soon as Spring time hits, BAM! I am all up for a salad and light jog…sometimes.

Easter – nothing will ever be as exciting as Christmas, but Easter comes close. It is another time of year that you can really spend some good quality family time. Plus the food, OH MA GOD! Chocolate eggs, hot-crossed buns, roasted leg of lamb….mmmmmm!!

So.Many.Bank Holidays – In England, Spring is when most of our bank holidays happen. We have Good Friday, Easter Monday, May Day and Spring Bank Holiday. Who doesn’t love long weekends?

What do you love about Spring Time? Let me know in the comments 🙂

Danielle xx

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