I’m a Bad Blogger

Hello Everyone,

Well I haven’t been the best at keeping up to date with this blogging business have I? Turns out I haven’t written anything for 3 months now…oops!

So, what have I been up to in the last 3 months?

We got a new addition to the family! No not a child, another dog of course! His name is Teddy and he is a Brug (Brussels Griffon x Pug). We were always going to get another dog, but we were set on either a French Bulldog or a Pug. That was until I was browsing the web one day and this little face appeared on my screen…


Cute right? How could I resist? So that was it, Teddy joined the family and has been causing mischief ever since!

I turned 27 (ergh) in November, although I can’t say this was my most exciting moment! But hey ho, we all have to grow up. I did however, have a brilliant night out with friends in our local town, Watford, and met Pete Wicks from TOWIE who wished me happy birthday.


Then, me & Adam jetted off to the Big Apple for 5 days which was quite possibly one of the most fantastic trips I have ever been on! I will do a separate blog on this to tell you all about what we did in New York. But it was made extra special because this was where Adam popped question and I said YES at the top of the Empire State Building!


And then finally, we hosted Christmas for the first time at our house. I was slightly stressed about doing this but it turned out to be completely fine and almost stress free! Even though we had 7 dogs running around the house, along with my noisy 8 year old brother. We also hosted Boxing Day and New Years Eve – I feel like I need more time off just to get over Christmas now! That and to win the lottery, who knew Christmas would be so expensive?


And that is just about it for 2017! Now it’s time to start making memories in 2018!

Danielle x

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