1 Year in Our Home

This week marks exactly one year since we moved in to our first home together. It has been a whirlwind of a year, and while it has been lots of fun, we have had some stressful times too.

When we first moved in, it hit us that we had A LOT of work to do after what mess the previous owners had left it in. Every room in the house had some hideous patterned wallpaper or brightly coloured walls which gave you a headache if you were in there for too long. The house was swarming with fleas so we had to rip up all the carpet and de-flea the house before we could move in with our dogs. And we had hazardous electric and gas issues, which if we hadn’t sorted as quickly as we did, could have ended up with catastrophic consequences.

But all that aside, we now have 6 out of 10 rooms in the house decorated and furnished, the hallway and dog room (yes they have their own room), living room, kitchen, conservatory, utility room and our bedroom. Adam is currently working on our upstairs bathroom so this should be done shortly too!

So being the one year anniversary of us moving in, I thought I’d do a little post to share some lessons we have learned along the way…

  • Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew – when you are looking at houses, it’s easy to go around and start a list of the improvements and changes that you would like to make. Once you buy a house, you actually have to do those things, and believe me it is never as easy as you think it will be! My advice would be to stick to one room at a time. If there are things that you can do yourself where you can save on costs of handymen, do it! Just know your limitations.
  • There is Always More to Do – this is something myself and Adam can fully appreciate. It seems every project you finish, you’ll find another two that need doing. This can be anything from gardening, decorating, home improvements and even cleaning. Plan ahead and you will save yourself so much stress.
  • Not Living with Parents – Great! – don’t get me wrong, I was a blubbering mess the day I left home. However, I love the freedom that owning my own house gives me. I can do whatever I want with only myself to answer to (and sometimes Adam). I can decorate my house how I want, I can watch what I like on TV and can adopt as many animals as I like without having to clear it with anyone (except maybe Adam).
  • Not living with parents – not so great  – on the flip side, I do miss coming home from work and having dinner cooked for me, or my mum doing my washing and keeping the house clean & tidy.
  • Adulting- something I thought I was fully prepared for when moving in to our house, but turns out I wasn’t. Bills, bills and more bills (thankfully Adam looks after our finances so I don’t have to stress too much about this), bin day – trying to remember which bin goes out that week gets me every time, and lots of other things I never had to worry about before.
  • Enjoy it – moving out is a stressful time, but try to enjoy it as much as possible. Me and Adam got both our families involved and made a day of it by getting lunch in for everyone and it really did ease some of the worry. Our first night in our new home, it was just me, Adam and the dogs, sitting on garden furniture, eating a pizza – exactly how I had imagined it.

Home ownership has, all in all, been a great experience so far and I am really looking forward to continuing to make our house into everything we want it to become. It’s not easy but in the end it will be rewarding.

Thanks for reading.

Danielle xxx

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