Big Lips without The Big Needles…

Hey Everyone! 

It’s been a while since I posted anything, mainly because I haven’t really had anything interesting to post about…until now! 

A couple of weeks ago, I received a very exciting little package from Fullips. For those of you who haven’t heard of this company before, Fullips offer an alternative to achieving naturally fuller lips without the use of medical or cosmetic procedures. Fullips enhancers are a temporary lip plumper, similar to the plumping lip glosses that are currently on the market. 

The kit you see above is what I received in the mail.  It includes three different shapes of Fullips lip enhancers, a small toothbrush and a rose pinkish shade of lipstick

This is how it works!

As you can see there is a large round shape, a Medium oval shape and a small oval shape to fit all different shaped and sized lips. It’s a small cup like tool that you put over your lips and by sucking air in you ”seal” the cup to your mouth and create a suction that will draw more blood to your lips, resulting in plumper lips in minutes. 
I tried all three sizes, starting with the smaller, oval shaped one. I found this one targeted certain areas, particularly my lip line, giving my lips extra fullness.

Once my lips had gone down, I then tried the medium oval size. I found that this size would probably work better for someone who has slightly thinner lips and a wide mouth, however it did give me more fullness in my top lip.

And lastly, I tried the larger round enhancer. If you already have quite full or big lips, this is the one you need to be using. It gives you added plumpness and roundness to your natural lips.


So, how do you get the best results from these little lip sucking tools you ask? Well read on…

  1. Clean your Fullips enhancer with mild soap and water. Next, lightly exfoliate your lips with the toothbrush supplied in this kit, or you can use a soft washcloth, to achieve fuller results.
  2. Wet the area around your mouth with water or moisturiser. Moisture allows for easier movement to position the enhancer and move it around. 
  3. Place your Fullips enhancer over your lip area, hold tightly in place and begin sucking short puffs of air out of the enhancer. Continue to do this until solid suction is present and the enhancer is holding suction, but comfortable around your mouth. 
  4. You should now feel gentle pulling. Start with leaving the enhancer on for 15-30 seconds, break the suction with your fingers and repeat these steps until desired fullness is reached. The longer you use it, the better and longer the results last. If you get a line around your lips, you are sucking too hard! Vigorous sucking can result in bruising!! 
  5. After using the enhancer, apply your lip cosmetics as usual! 

And ta da! You have fuller, bigger and plumper lips without having to have needles jabbed into your mouth causing unnecessary pain! 

For me, this little tool has been a blessing to my make up routine everyday. It is the perfect handbag size, meaning you can take it with you wherever you go and reapply on the move! 

Thanks for reading folks! 

Danielle xxx

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