Beauty Sleep at its Best…

Firstly, happy Easter weekend everyone! I hope you have all had a fun filled Good Friday, mine has consisted of cleaning my house from top to bottom and I am now just sitting down to write about my new favourite skin care brand, Skin Chemists

Last Friday, I received a very exciting package in the post from Skin Chemists and couldn’t wait to start using it and writing a blog post on it! This product was the Advanced Pro-5 Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream. 

For the last two months I have been using Skin Chemists products, including their 24 Hour Aqua Repair Facial Serum, and the brand has really impressed me with the results they show. Skin Chemists are a British skincare brand, developing revolutionary and effective skincare treatments.

The Pro-5 Collagen Night Cream is a unique formula for perfect skin showing the early signs of ageing. Now I am only 26 and like to think I still have young looking skin, but there is nothing wrong with preparing yourself for future skin changes. The cream aims to boost skin elasticy and even out the skins tone, restoring it to optimal level when your skin is in its most restorative state, while you are catching some z’s.

The night Cream includes two main active ingredients;

1)Gatuline Bio – promotes skin health and regeneration, reducing the visibility and wrinkles by renewing dull or ageing skin, and providing hydration.

2)Matrixyl 3000 – smooths away visible wrinkles and blemishes for an even mattified complexion.

So, what did I think when trying this product? My first thoughts were that I absolutely loved the bright yellow packaging, everything about it screamed SUMMER READY SKIN! When applying the product (to a freshly cleaned face) it was lightweight and easily massaged into my face. I also loved the pretty little shimmer it gave once on, going to bed as a glowing, glittery pillow goddess – yes! After a full week of using this product, my skin has looked and felt amazing. I have been spot free for 7 days, my skin looks fresher and more plumped and I would actually be happy to go out make up free.

I also asked some friends to try it out, and one friend of mine commented that she thought it was “f***ing amazing” and that she “loved the glitter in it and wished she had ordered more”, which she actually did. 

Now if you are wondering if you should be using this Cream, here are some reasons why…

• Use if you have oily skin 

• Use this product if you want to look younger

• Use this product for increased radiance 

• Use this product for skin tightening and firmer skin 

• Use this product if you are concerned about blemishes

Convinced? Then head on over to and purchase your night Cream today for just £19.99 instead of £109 using my discount code TWEEDLEBLOG and try it for yourself.

Thanks for reading! 

Danielle xxx

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