My last day at OPI…

So on Friday I said goodbye to my place of work for the last 6 years, OPI. It’s funny how attached you become to one place, I almost felt a little heartbroken and like I was losing a part of me, it had sort of become my home over the years.

When I started at OPI, I was this shy 20 year old who had come from a hairdressing background and had no clue about office work. I was nervous about talking to anyone in case they didn’t like me and I avoided any socialising with them outside of work because I was such a hermit. But within a year I made some friends and now have them for life. I even met my bestie at work and we now do everything together. These girls are some of the truest friends I could ask for, they bring out the better in me, and sometimes the worst when there is alcohol involved! I am the baby of the group.

I also made myself a work mum. She was the first friendly face I met when I came for my interview at OPI and since then has always been a good friend. This lady is super special, she is work mum to multiple people, an excellent baker, a fellow potato lover and all round brilliant human being. She also left on Friday so we got to leave work hand in hand.

Everyone made such an effort on Friday to give me and Zoe the best send off ever. We started the day with a few tears, then moved on to cakes and all sorts of picnic food. We went for a big team lunch at the gold old Harvester and then headed back to the office for some prepping for our big night out. Then finally, and this was probably the most emotional part of all, the goodbye speeches and gift giving. The girls really did go the extra mile, I received a big beautiful bunch of flowers, a magnum of prosecco (which I was told not to drink in one go) and a beautiful Olivia Burton rose gold watch.

Finally, we all got glammed up and headed for a big night out in jolly Watford! The night started classy and sophisticated in Bar Bodega and then ended tragically in a few of the less sophisticated bars along Watford high street. All in all, it was a brilliant night, and by 3am my feet were sore, I was slightly intoxicated and in need of a subway.

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who made my time at OPI a brilliant one. I will miss everyone’s faces so very much but I am sure this is not goodbye, just a see you soon.

Now on to the next chapter in my life…

Danielle xxx

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