Mums The Word…

As it is Mother’s Day this weekend, Sunday 26th March for those of you who need a reminder, I thought I would dedicate a post to my best friend, my mum.


To me, a mother is someone you can go to for unconditional love, to have a laugh or a cry and for guidance. My mum has done all of the above for me, and with us being so close, I hope I have been able to do for her. As I have said already, we are best friends on a whole other level. She has played both roles of parents to me and my brother George and has done a bloody good job at it, we wouldn’t be the adults we are today without her guidance and love.

My Mum had a very a close bond with my Nana before she passed away. One of my childhood memories is being at my Nanas house every Saturday for lunch and goodies, and my Mum and Nana would always be looking through the Next catalogues and laughing together, and if my mum was ever cold or ill, my Nana would go and get a blanket or dressing gown for her and mother her just like a child, it was just a lovely relationship. I want nothing more than my children (when I have them) to have memories of fun times and laughter like I do.


When Nana passed away, my mum was the strongest person. She held everything together for the rest of her family, putting herself last for everything and I thank her for that. Since that sad time, over the years mine and mums relationship has gone from strength to strength and people are always saying to me how lovely it is how close we are, and we truly are! I hope that one day, if I ever need to be, I can be as strong as her.

Cups of tea/coffee and biscuit dunking is our idea of a good weekend, it’s almost a tradition you could say! To some this may seem like nothing, but to us it is everything! I love our Saturday shopping trips, even if it is to Tesco and Pets At Home, these moments are special to me, even if I do end up being designated driver every time!

We are similar in so many ways, to the point where I hear the phrase “You’re Your Mothers Daughter” so often. We get told we look-alike on a weekly basis, even the boyfriend says he is glad that I will inherit my mums good looks when I am her age, which is true! She is a bloody stunner! She will deny this and put herself down but mum if you are reading, shut up…you are beautiful inside and out! We both laugh at our expensive taste, much to our other halves disapproval, but what can I say, we are classy gals! There are so many things that I could talk about being similar and I am sure so many others could throw some moments too. However, we are also very different in certain aspects too. My mum is a clean freak, me not so much! But, I have inherited some OCD habits from her that I am proud of, I don’t think my boyfriend feels the same but what do men know? For example, food shopping and packing the bags at checkout, this has to be done in a particular way that apparently only me and my mum can understand.

I’ve learnt so many lessons from my mum, but the biggest lesson I have ever learnt is to never let someone hurt you, bully you and make you feel worthless. I’m not going to go into too much detail on this as it is personal but my mum never deserved any of the trouble she had years ago and I couldn’t haven been prouder of her than the day she stood up and walked away from it. #GIRLPOWER

A special memory my mum has given me was the day my baby brother Max was born. I mentioned I already have another brother but George was born when I was four so I never got to really enjoy being the big sister that I am to Max. He was born early and I remember going to visit him for the first time at the hospital and seeing all these tubes hanging off of him, my heart just burst with love and I loved that little guy the minute I laid eyes on him, I still do now even though he is a terror sometimes! Thank you mum for giving me another part of you to love forever.


So to end this post, I found a really lovely poem that describes my relationship with my mum to a T. Mum, thank you for everything you do for me, Mother’s Day is all about you, so put your feet up, get some chocolate in your mouth and enjoy. Love you xxx


Danielle xxx




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