My Pride, My Joy, My Dogs 

I could literally talk about my dogs all day long. Most of my friends know how precious my puppies are to me, I mean, they have their own Instagram account! Yes I am one of those people, deal with it. So I thought I’d sit down and dedicate a blog post to the little loves of my life.

I’ve pretty much grown up with a family dog ever since I can remember. My Nana and Grandad always owned dogs, mostly Japanese Akitas and Shepherd Dogs. And then when I was about 12, we got our very own Labrador, Belle. Sadly she passed away in April 2014 and I never thought I would love a dog as much as I loved her again.

That was until, July 2014, my grandad showed up on our doorstep one afternoon and handed me a box. I think my heart literally stopped when I saw what was inside. A teenie, tiny black puppy! I was speechless, and so was my mum! It then hit us that we actually needed to speak to my stepdad before agreeing we could have her, but that didn’t take much convincing once I shoved her in his face as soon as he stepped foot in the door. We also agreed that he could have a say in naming her, so we had Princess Cleopatra, or Cleo for short.

So at first, we thought Cleo was a pug, but after a while we discovered her mum is actually pug x Jack Russel and her dad is a French Bulldog x Pug, a proper little crossbreed. But the vets assured us that the more cross she was, the healthier she would be in the long run. Cleo was literally the apple of our eyes, we adored her, and still do! She is queen b and always gets her way! She loves to sleep behind your knees and pulls your hand towards her belly for a tummy tickle. Although, I think she’d agree, she wasn’t too happy when a certain King walked through the door…

April 2015, I was casually scrolling through the Pets4Homes website when a gorgeous male Frug (Frenchie X Pug, stay with me here peeps) caught my eye. I showed mum and she agreed he was lovely, so I emailed the breeder to see if he was still available…he was! So I sent mum upstairs to get ready, told the breeder to expect us shortly and off we set to Portsmouth! We got to the house where we were greated by what I can only describe as the happiest looking puppy in the world! Me and mum just knew we had to have him, so paid the lady and took him home that afternoon. He was named before we even left Portsmouth, our little Elvis. There was just one slight problem, my stepdad. He had been in hospital all day so when my mum told him the news, it didn’t go down too well. I think he ignored me, mum and little Elvis for about 2 weeks until he came round to the idea but he now loves our little smiling man, no honestly this dog actually smiles!

Now what happened next was completely not planned. Yes you guessed it, these two naughty pups did the deed! I’m not going to go into detail because quite frankly it was a disturbing sight but 9 weeks later, we were blessed with 8 beautiful and healthy Frug puppies. This was honestly, hands down, the best experience of my life. It was also the most exhausting, I can only imagine what mothers actually go through with a newborn. I say it all the time but if I could do it all again, I definitely would! The little puppy noises, tiny paws pitter pattering around, just everything about the whole experience was incredible. Everything apart from having to rehome them all, this was tough but they have all gone to loving homes and I have regular contact with their owners which is really nice and comforting.

So out of the eight pups, I have ended up with two, my boy Roley Poley and little madam Minnie Mouse. I knew I was keeping Minnie from the moment I laid eyes on her, she was the smallest of the litter and still is! Roley on the other hand I didn’t plan on keeping, it was only that he ended up having to have a very expensive operation to open his nostrils up that we couldn’t risk selling him in case he needed anothe operation. Thankfully he hasn’t and he is a big, happy, bit of a wimp, loving boy!

So there you have it, my four fur babies. My dogs are my life, it doesn’t matter what kind of horrible or crappy day I might have had, my dogs cheer me up immediately. Nothing clears my head better than getting their leads on and heading to the park for a good walk with them. If you aren’t a dog lover, this post will probably not interest you in the slightest but do me a favour, don’t diss my dogs, you wouldnt slate someone’s child and to me, these are my children! If like me and your dogs are your world, I hope you have enjoyed this post, I’m sure it won’t be the last one they are mentioned in!

Danielle xxx

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