The Perfect Gift…

We all know our preoccupation with giving heart-warming, jaw-dropping, tear-jerking gifts is a little neurotic. But we also know we’re not alone. Giving gifts can be a stressful affair, whether its picking something for somebody who has everything, or attempting to show how much your mum means to you through a particular scent of candle.

And let’s not forget the pressures of unwrapping the gifts that have been so lovingly chosen. Some find themselves practicing their gift-accepting faces for weeks prior to the main event, trying to hide the slightest hint of disappointment.

But fear not, I am here to tell you all about a lovely little company, which happens to be owned and run by a family friend and fellow Frug owner, called Something Sarah Made.

Something Sarah Made makes Scrabble ‘style’ frames, with a pop of colour from her signature glitter heart. The frames are modern and fresh with a little quirkiness and a great addition to any home.


These really are the perfect gift for friends or family, whether you are buying for a house warming, a wedding or to celebrate the arrival of a new baby, it’s something they can keep and admire for years to come.


Totally personalized, you can choose from family names or phrases that mean something to you or the person you are buying for.


Although beautiful, these will not break the bank, making your gift personal and reasonably priced! Each frame is unique in itself, and if you have any special requests, Sarah is more than happy to assist, service with a smile at its best!

So, the next time you are frantically searching the high street or googling “gifts for…”, head on over to Something Sarah Made and have the perfect gift ready in no time!

One last thing, it’s Mother’s Day soon guys…just saying!

Danielle xxx

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