Look Fantastic, Feel Fantastic…

Ever since my I was little, I have always been a real girly girl. I loved my Barbies until I was about 13, I had a full collection of the Lancome Juicy Tub lip glosses (does anyone else remember wearing these on a windy day, hair & sticky lip gloss…NOT A GOOD COMBO) And I think 90% of my wardrobe was pink. As I have gotten older, I have worked in all aspects of hair & beauty, I started my career as a junior hairdresser and now work for one of the biggest Professional Nail Brands in the world, OPI. I also run my own spray tanning business on the side which I have done for 5 years now and love every minute of it.

Working in the beauty industry, I believe it is so important to treat and pamper yourself once in a while. So whilst I was browsing through my favourite beauty websites, I came across the idea of a beauty box. There are so many boxes out there, I really had to do my research into which one I thought would suit my needs best, so after doing this I decided to go with the Look Fantastic beauty box.

The Look Fantastic box guarantees a value of at least £50, for just £13 per month and free postage and packaging, and varies from relatively unknown products to beauty staples. The box contains a good balance of make-up and skin care products, and is a perfect Try Before You Buy investment. I missed the January edition box but I have got my hands on the February one, which is called The Runway Ready Edition, and I couldn’t wait to write about it!


Now I love everything beauty, I am always on the look out for new and exciting things happening in the world of pampering so for me, this box just seemed to be a brilliant idea. As much as I love shopping for make up, skin care etc, finding the right products to suit me as an individual can be an absolute nightmare, that and I don’t have the luxury that is time to be applying 5000 different products to my face every morning/evening.

Consisting of  6 premium products, including 3 full size beauty products to try, in this edition there is honestly something for everyone. PLUS you receive the latest copy of ELLE UK!


So, what is in this box you ask? I will tell you now…

  1. First up, we have the The Ordinary natural moisturizer. This moisturizer will keep you looking great, even though it is super hydrating, it doesn’t feel heavy or oily on the skin; instead sinking in immediately for a natural glow. Infused with Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramides and Glycerin, it works to put the water back into your skin so it feels and looks incredible. I am really picky about what moisturizer I use because my skin is so sensitive but, I have used this every morning and every night since Monday and my skin is looking and feeling in fab condition. Big Thumbs Up from me on this one!
  2. Next, This Works Deep Sleep Stress Less roll on. This handy little rollerball is ideal for keeping in your handbag for those stressful situations on the go. Infused with Eucalyptus and Lavender, it helps to fight tension and insomnia, leaving you feeling at ease and without stress! I have also discovered, having cold like symptoms this week, that if you are feeling a little under the weather, roll the oil onto a tissue and inhale to relieve mental fatigue.
  3. This one has turned out to be my fave so far! Borghese Fango Mud Mask! The Fango Mud Masks are a range of different purifying treatments to refine your complexion and give you brighter and healthier skin. Each one contains a blend of clays that improve the condition, appearance and texture of your skin for a gorgeous glow. I applied this onto my face when I was in a nice hot bath so my pores opened and the mud could work its magic and it definitely did. When applying the mask, it needs to go on fairly thick to get the full benefit of it, and it gives a cooling sensation to begin with. Once it has been left on for 5-10 minutes, the mask should have hardened and is ready to come off. When I removed it, my skin was glowing! And even the following morning, it felt great.


4. Then, there was the Polaar Icy Magic Roll On. This product is for your eyes and leaves you feeling instantly awakened and refreshed thanks to its natural blend of plant ingredients. The icy rollerball helps to de-puff and decongest the eye area to eliminate dark circles and water retention. The great thing about this product is that it sinks in quickly so you can swipe, apply your make up and be ready incredibly quickly!

5. After that, we have the MyVitamins Catwalk Queen supplements. These little supplement tablets are the perfect blend of vitamins, minerals and extracts, including Vitamin C, Zinc and Bamboo extract that work effortlessly to boost the natural appearance of your hair, skin and nails.

6. And lastly, the Model Co Eye Lites Metallic Shadow. Now admittedly, I haven’t tried this product yet but I have read some great reviews on it. You use it over your normal eye shadow for a more iridescent diamond effect. It is a lightweight formula and feels cool on the skin and wears comfortably all day or all night long.

So my verdict, as beauty boxes go…this collection offers a great saving with the contents worth of approximately £50-£60. Personally, as a lover of trying before I buy, this is a great way to experience new brands and add some great little products to your beauty collection. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, take a visit to the Look Fantastic website to give it a go.


Danielle xxx





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