February…the month of love! So I figured I would dedicate my next post to my relationship and give some advice that has helped me in the past.

So, I have been with my boyfriend, Adam, for 7 years now, our anniversary is on 3rd January but we met on the spookiest night of the year…HALLOWEEN! I love our “how we met” story, it makes me laugh whenever I tell it to people. We were both on a night out with friends, having never met each other before! I was dressed up as pirate, although looking back I think I resemble Where’s Wally more!? And Adam turned up with his friend, both dressed as women!! And I am talking the full works…wigs, make up, stuffed bras, skirts and dolly shoes – you can see why I was attracted to him right? And that was it, we had a cheeky little kiss and on we went with our night out!


We started seeing each other and then BAM! 3rd January 2010 came along and he pulled me to one side and asked me to be his girlfriend, I of course said yes 🙂 Now I am not going to sit here and say our relationship has been perfect from day one, personally I don’t think any relationship is perfect. How can it be? Everybody has their flaws! But if you are willing to put in the effort and work as a team, then a relationship should be easy, no complications! Adam has been my rock on more than one occasion, he believed in me when I was made redundant from my old job and gave me the confidence to go for interviews. He held my hand when my poor Nana lost her battle to cancer, that’s been one of the hardest things for me, they never got to properly build a relationship and I know that she would have absolutely loved him! He bought me my first car and gave me the push to start driving lessons and cheered when I passed first time! We held each others hand and cried together when we had to have my beloved Labrador, Belle, put to sleep and then our most recent and probably most stressful time together, buying our first house! We had a really crappy first couple of weeks, to the point where I was even doubting that buying a house was the right thing for us, but we fought through it and we couldn’t be more prouder of our home together. This might not seem a lot for most people but these were our tough times, and we loved and supported each other through every minute of it. You see so many couples now day that give up at the first sign of trouble, when really if they had sat down and tried to work through it, they probably could have given it another chance. I do believe everybody deserves a second chance, but that’s it! If you need to give someone more than two chances, something is seriously wrong! GET OUT!


As well as my long term boyfriend, I look at Adam as one of my best friends. I can tell him everything, whinge when I need to and go to him when I need a laugh, a cry or just a bit of comfort. He is a hit with my family, and can be himself around them, sometimes a bit too much but we all end up in fits of laughter! Him being close to my mum is a very important factor, my mum is my go to gal and if something isn’t right, she will tell me. Adam has a lot of respect for his own mum also. Girls, if a guy loves and respects his mum, he is almost certainly going to be a keeper and will have the upmost respect for his lady too! So although we may moan about them, find a mummy’s boy!


Living together has definitely put our relationship to the test. You find out so much more about someone when you live together, things that you sometimes think OH MY GOD!  Take Adam for example, I have discovered he has absolutely no idea how to use a dishwasher, or how to put clothes in a washing basket – men!? However, I have also discovered how determined he is to make our house a home, he has done almost every bit of DIY here by himself, along with working a stressful, full time job! I think if he was asked what he has discovered about me is that I have a bad habit of leaving food in the plug hole of the kitchen sink BUT I have proved myself to be quite the cook on the positive side of things 🙂 He has turned out to be a great fur daddy to our frugs, Roley & Minnie, sometimes a bit too good, they get away with murder! God help me when we have actual children!?

Anyway, I’m not going to make this too mushy…don’t want to gross you all out! But, I love my Ads and can’t wait enjoy many more adventures with him ❤


Danielle xxx



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