Here it goes…

My first blog post, wow! I didn’t think I would ever actually do it. I have toyed with the idea of making a blog for a while now but never really knew what I wanted to make the blog about. I thought about fashion, pets (mainly my dogs) food, you name it! So in the end I thought, why not combine all my ideas together and make a blog to have a little ramble about my life, the occasional moan and to share all my dog photos just to show everyone how much I am obsessed with my fur babies (although I’m 100% sure everyone who already knows me is aware of this)

I’m not one to really care about what people think of me because the truth is, if you don’t like me then I probably didn’t like you first! Just do NOT diss my dogs K?
So anyway, I’ve decided to bite the bullet and make a little blog about my life really. Even if no one wants to read it, it’s a place for me to come and talk about life, the things I am loving whether it be fashion, beauty, food or home stuff, and obviously the odd dog related post, in-between working a full time job, running a spray tanning business, and decorating our new home.img_1120

Well I am going to leave it at that for my first post, don’t want to give too much excitement away! I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I’ve enjoyed writing my first post and please keep an eye out for new posts.

Danielle xxx

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